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FAN’s CEO Interviewed for 2012 “American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen”

31 Aug

On August 29, Florida Afterschool Chief Executive Officer Larry Pintacuda  participated in “American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen”, a national public  initiative and television program. His topic was the positive impact on quality  afterschool programming as it relates to improved academic performance of

Armed with strong facts documenting the importance of afterschool  programs, Larry represented all the FAN Champions and Board Members in  expressing why these programs are crucial to the development of our children.  The program is scheduled to be aired during the week of September 22nd, and
Larry’s portion was 4-5 minutes.

FAN would like to thank Kim Kelling Engstrom, Director of Educational Services for WFSU TV and a FAN Champion, for  her efforts in getting represented in this wonderful program.  This is not the  first time Kim and WFSU TV has addressed and promoted the importance of  quality afterschool. It was her efforts that brought national television show  “Electric Company” to Florida to provide training for afterschool  practitioners.

The exact date and time the program will be aired will be  posted as soon as it is released.

New Partnership Allows for Training Session for Afterschool Providers

2 Apr

We have some exciting news! The Electric Company, WFSU and the Florida Afterschool Network (FAN) are partnering to deliver training sessions for afterschool providers on summer learning and extended learning.

Kim Kelling Engstrom, Director of Educational Services, WFSU and FAN Champion has been coordinating among the three entities to bring the workshop(s) to fruition.

The Electric Company is an educational children’s television series produced by Sesame Workshop for PBS in America. WFSU is the PBS public television station in Tallahassee licensed through Florida State University.

The Electric Company’s Summer Learning and Extended Learning programs”bring math and literacy to life through engaging videos, hands on activities, online games, and dynamic activity pages.” The content is designed to “bridge the gap” in out of school time learning for children in 1st – 3rd grade. Besides offering quality resources to afterschool providers, much of the content is free to providers.

The live training session(s) will be held May 15th. We will advise you as soon as the actual time is set. The training will be provided to about 50 practitioners from the Tallahassee area. We are also trying to work out the logistics to have the training provided via satellite to other parts of the state.

This is a tremendous opportunity for afterschool providers and practitioners in Tallahassee and the surrounding areas, and hopefully throughout the state. We hope this is the first of a long partnership among the Electric Company, WFSU.