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Americorps STEM VISTA joins the FAN office at the Kennedy Space Center

22 Sep


My name is Alexis Walker and through the AmeriCorps VISTA program, and thanks to the Afterschool Alliance, I have recently become the newest staff member of the Florida Afterschool Network (FAN). For one year I will be working with the FAN STEM collaboration at the Astronaut Memorial Foundation.

I am so honored to be in this position. When I was in grade school the need for STEM education was just being realized. Without appropriate exposure, I was intimated by STEM disciplines. I regarded them as static, unimaginative, and difficult. Thankfully, through later experiences I realized that STEM represents dynamic, creative and approachable fields that are for everyone. Now, I am excited to turn my focus towards exposing today’s youth to STEM through afterschool and summer learning programs. I believe that by introducing kids to a vibrant STEM curriculum and community, we can peak their interest, boost their confidence and help them unlock vast opportunities.

During my year with FAN, my goal is to establish a community support system by linking existing afterschool programs to potential partners and STEM resources. If you would like more information on this work or would like to be a part of this mission please feel free to contact me And, as always, please follow FAN on our journey towards accessible, high quality afterschool opportunities:




Alexis Walker

STEM Expansion VISTA, Florida Afterschool Network

321-452-2887 ext105